Entrepreneur Garden 7: Get Better.

It’s not just advice for sick people.. but also motivation for people who are sick of the mundane. After I got married a few months ago, I decided that I would take out time to start excercising more.. I mean, I actually want to grow old with this woman, so I knew that a few things needed to change immediately. On Memorial Day weekend, we decided that we would visit one of the local parks and hit their jogging trail.. so I pulled out one of my freshest pair of basketball shorts and a crisp t-shirt with my super clean New Balances. After a few minutes of stretching and chit-chatting, we started our first jog as newly weds.. and about two minutes later, I was convinced that this chick was trying to go ahead and cash in the newly signed insurance policy. My legs felt like I had a brick in each shoe, I couldn’t breathe and slowly but surely, I started to fall back from my brand new wife. She slowed down a bit to encourage me, and that’s when I realized that I was WAY outta shape.. (and at the time, I was even playing basketball about 8 hours a week).

As entrepreneurs, it is easy to get so comfortable in the way that you’ve been doing business.. Especially if it WORKS. But the goal is to grow right? Increase income, reduce expenses.. You know? Is your business outta shape?? Sometimes you won’t even realize it until you’re put to the test. IT’S TIME TO GET IT TOGETHER. It should be the goal of every entrepreneur to get better. Continue to learn about the products/services that you offer your clients.. Stay up on the new technologies.. Subscribe to a magazine that will keep you sharp.. Follow people on Twitter who are in your industry or who will keep you motivated.. Download apps that will help you grow (Angry Birds isn’t one of them..) GET. BETTER.

PS: I have really stepped it up.. I have continued to jog periodically, and have maxed out at THREE miles straight.. considering doing a mini-marathon next year.. not necessarily with ambitions of winning, but moreso just to accomplish it.

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